Nymphaeaceae - water-lily family
Species that grow without cultivation on Mount Desert Island

compiled by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 26 August 2018)

Nymphaeaceae - water-lily family
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Mount Desert Island is home to 3 species in 3 genera that grow without cultivation. Click on a link below or scroll down for more information.
   Brasenia (1 species)
      Brasenia schreberi - water-shield (occasional1)
   Nuphar (1 species)
      Nuphar variegata - yellow pond lily (occasional)
   Nymphaea (1 species)
      Nymphaea odorata - fragrant water-lily (occasional)

leaf shape petiole attachment flower color
Brasenia elliptic in center of leaf dull red-purple
Nuphar indented, rounded corners on each side of indent at deepest part of indent yellow
Nymphaea indented, angled corners on each side of indent at deepest part of indent white

Brasenia (water-shield)
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Brasenia schreberi (water-shield) leaves are peltate (see lower right image); i.e., the petiole is attached to the “interior” of the leaf blade.
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Nuphar (pond lily)
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Nuphar variegate (yellow pond lily) - [information to be added]
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Nymphaea (water lily)
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Nymphaea odorata (fragrant water lily) - [information to be added]

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   1. This frequency designation is from the paper “Vascular flora of the Acadia National Park region, Maine” by Craig W. Greene, Linda L. Gregory, Glen H. Mittelhauser, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber, published in the spring 2005 issue (vol. 107, No. 930) of Rhodora: Journal of the New England Botanical Club.