Crassulaceae - stonecrop family
Species that grow without cultivation on Mount Desert Island

compiled by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 30 March 2017)

Crassulaceae - stonecrop family
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Mount Desert Island is home to 3 species in 3 genera. Click on a link below or scroll down for more information.
   Hylotelephium (1 species)
      Hylotelephium telephium - purple orpine (uncommon [see note 1 at bottom of page])
   Rhodiola (1 species)
      Rhodiola rosea - roseroot (uncommon)
   Sedum (1 species)
      Sedum acre - moss stonecrop (uncommon)

habitat plant height leaf shape leaf length leaf color
Hylotelephium woods, fields, ditches to 50 cm widened and toothed toward tip 3–8 cm [?]
Rhodiola islands, coastal headlands, shores 10–30 cm slightly toothed or entire; egg-shaped or ovate [?] greenish gray-blue
Sedum [?] to 8 cm [?] 0.2–0.6 cm yellow-green

Hylotelephium (orpine)
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Hylotelephium telephium (purple orpine) - [information to be added]

Rhodiola (roseroot)
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Rhodiola rosea (roseroot) - [information to be added]

Sedum (stonecrop)
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Sedum acre (moss stonecrop) - [information to be added]

   1. Frequency designations are from the book The Plants of Acadia National Park (ISBN 978-0-89101-120-0) by Glen H. Mittelhauser, Linda L. Gregory, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber, published in 2010 by The University of Maine Press.