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(updated 21 May 2014)

Welcome to the online Vining Genealogy. For an overview of the whole Vining web site, please click here.

Purpose of this project. The purpose of this online genealogy is to provide accurate, documented information about the Vining family. Photographs/scans of source material are posted for the viewer to evaluate. New material and documentation will be added as it becomes available. After source material (scans of the actual material, not just references to the sources) is posted, individual researchers will not have to "reinvent the wheel" by tracking down the same material that others have already found.
   Unfortunately, most of the information in this online genealogy, gleaned from a variety of sources, is undocumented and needs to be substantiated. Without documentation, it is what I call "genealogical gossip". With your help, we can turn the gossip into news.
   In maintaining this project, I am acting as a secretary/bookkeeper and make no claim that what is posted is my original research. We are all indebted to those who have sent information and documentation for posting.

How this online genealogy is organized. Family units are arranged alphabetically by the first name of the Vining father (or single-parent mother). Links are provided to enable you to move up and down each lineage. To follow a line back in time (ancestors), click on the underlined portion of "(son of ...)" or "(dau. of ...)" beneath the name of the person you want to trace back. To follow a line forward in time (descendants), click on the name of the person whose offspring you want to see. A plus sign (+) following a name means that that person had one or more children, but that family group has not been added to this web page. For census information, click on "census data for this family" at the end of a family's entry. To view documentation (other than census records) for a particular individual, click on "documentation" to the right of a parent's name or to the right of a child's data. If a child eventually had offspring, the link to the documentation for that child will be found to the right of his/her name when a parent. For a partially developed example of what I envision, see the family of Thomas Vining and Releaf S. Walker.

How to contribute. I appreciate very much the corrections and additions that many people are contributing to this genealogy. However, the real value in this project is the documentation that, unfortunately, is rarely contributed. Please, if you have images of gravestones, census records, or, for deceased persons, birth, marriage, and death certificates, submit them, and I will post them for the benefit of all. All information, especially source material, for inclusion in this web page should be sent to or mailed to "Vining Genealogy; V. F. Thomas Co.; P. O. Box 400; Southwest Harbor, ME 04679". And, of course, please report all errors. A little work by each of us will save a lot of work for all of us.

Vining Association. A Vining Association is in the process of being formed. For details, click here.

To "enter" the online Vining genealogy, click on the letter below that is the first letter of the first name of the Vining father (or single-parent mother) whose family you are interested in. Then scroll down the file you are taken to until you reach the name you are looking for. For example, if you want to look up the family of Benjamin Vining Jr., click on the letter B below, wait until the B file has opened, and then scroll down to Benjamin Vining Jr. From there, you can follow his line backward or forward as explained above.

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