Athens Postal History
Somerset County, Maine

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(updated 23 April 2019)

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During the history of the town of Athens, there have been three post offices.

Briefly, the history of these three is as follows:
1. Athens post office was established on 9 January 1819 and is still operating.
2. East Athens post office operated from 17 June 1889 until 30 November 1900.
3. West Athens post office operated from 22 March 1870 until 30 June 1903.

In 1914, there was only the Athens post office in the town of Athens. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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Postmarks from the town of Athens include:
East Athens
West Athens


1819 January 9:
   Athens post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide.)

1844 October 2:
   Manuscript postmark. (notation; letter)

   Postmaster: L. D. P. Palmer. (source: Maine Register and State Reference Book. 1852.)

1887 October 26:
   The circular postmark is 26–27 mm in diameter.

1933 October 2:
   The circular postmark is 30–31 mm in diameter. The four horizontal bars to the right of the circle are approximately 6 mm apart on center. Unlike the bars on later cancellations, these bars are even with each other at both their left and their right ends.

1949 December 30:
   The circular postmark is 32–33 mm in diameter.

   Athens post office is still in operation.