Deeds of Mount Desert Island
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(updated 12 June 2016)

   Date: 7 March 1810
   Town: Mount Desert
   Grantor: George William Erving
   Grantee: Davis Wasgatt
   Description: 120 acres, between Long Pond and Echo Lake
      Whereas the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts did on the 23rd day of June 1785 grant to Sir John Bernard one undivided moiety or half part of the island of Mount Desert, lying in the County of Hancock;
      and whereas, by several resolves of the said General Court [...?] the 24th day of June 1806, the 24th day of February 1807, and the 12th day of March 1808, for the relief of the settlers on that part of Mount Desert Island which was set off to the said Sir John Bernard by partition, made by certain commissioners appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court of said Commonwealth, which partition was accepted by said Court in February 1794;
      and whereas among other things it is provided by the said resolves that the agents for the sale of eastern lands should be, and they thereby were authorized, to ascertain the persons who on the 23rd day of June 1785 were in possession of any of the lands on Sir John Bernard's moiety of said island;
      and whereas the said agents did on the 16th day of August 1808, in pursuance of the resolves aforesaid by special warrant under their hands, appoint Charles Turner, Stephen Badlam, and Salem Towne Jr., esquires, at the expense of the settlers, to survey and lay out to each settler 100 acres of land, and to value the several lots according to their relative situation with each other as [if?] they were in a state of nature;
      and whereas the said commissioners, in pursuance of their instructions, having fully heard the several persons claiming lands on that part of the island of Mount Desert assigned to Sir John Bernard, did determine and award that sundry persons named in their report dated the 22nd day of December 1808 were entitled to receive deeds of 100 acres of land each, and which the commissioners caused to be surveyed and laid out as per plan accompanying their said report, which plan and report are deposited in the office of the said agents for the sale of eastern lands upon their paying the sums annexed to their names;
      and whereas the said commissioners did determine and award that Davis Wasgatt, esquire, should pay the sum of $110 for 100 acres of land;
      and whereas for the accommodation of the said Davis Wasgatt and at his request, the surveyor laid out and established by proper metes and bounds the entire tract in said Wasgatt's possession containing 120 acres as per said plan, reference thereto being had will appear, for the surplus of 20 acres the said Wasgatt has paid $60.
   Grantee disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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