Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Salem Towne map - D12

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(updated 26 May 2018)

   Date: 18 September 1830
   Town: Mount Desert
   Grantors: John Q. Adams, Nathaniel Curtis, Alicia Boylston (executors and trustees of the last will of Ward N. Boylston)
   Grantee: Ephraim Higgins
   Description: most of the 157 acres of lot No. 109 on the Salem Towne map.
      always however reserving to John Somes, his heirs, & assign forever out of said lot so much of the same as lies forwardly of the town road as now traveled and westwardly of the Point of Ledge that runs out nearest the Pond which is about 30 rods eastwardly of said Somes Sawmill, and also reserving to said Somes, his heirs, and assigns forever a strip of land out of said lot on the southerly said of said road 6 rods in width and 12 rods in length and coming to a point on the west line of said lot for a privilege round said mill so as to accommodate said mill.
   Grantors obtained this parcel via: ???:???
   Grantee disposed of most of this parcel via 64:462–463

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   Date: 2 January 1834
   Town: Mount Desert
   Grantor: Ephraim Higgins
   Grantees: John Lear Jr. and Benjamin H. Higgins
   Description: 169 acres; part of lot No. 109 on the Salem Towne map and part of a lot owned by Samuel Reed Jr.
      Beginning at a guidepost where the road separates, one [branch] leading to Southwest Harbor, the other to Pretty Marsh;
      said line leaving the guide post runs as it is now traveled to the point of a ledge near the pond;
      then following the line southerly on land owned by John Somes;
      then easterly by lot No. 108 to the road;
      then northerly by the road to the first mentioned bound.
   Note: Always, however, reserving to myself, my heirs and signs forever 4 acres, more or less, & is bounded as follows, viz.:
      Beginning at the before mentioned guide post;
      running S 15° W 44 rods;
      then N 78° W 16.5 rods;
      then N 15» E 40 rods;
      then easterly to the first mentioned bound.
   Grantor obtained this parcel via: 58:141–142
   Grantees disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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