Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - H2

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(updated 11 June 2016)

   Date: 21 October 1879
   Town: Mount Desert
   Grantors: Charles Willing and Chapman Biddle (representing the estate of William Bingham)
   Grantee: Benjamin Richardson
   Description: 116.4 acres; lot #88 on Peters Plan
      Beginning at a spruce tree on the eastern shore of Some Sound, so-called, being the southwest corner of lot #89 of the allotment of the lands of the Bingham estate in Eden township aforesaid, conveyed to Isaac and George B. Somes;
      then along the south line of said lot east 170 perches;
      then along line of land conveyed to Isaac and George B. Somes aforesaid south 80 perches to a spruce;
      then still along line of said Somes land and the north line of lot #87, conveyed to John Brown, west 194 perches to a pine on the shore;
      then along said shore by the several courses and distances thereof to the place of beginning.
   Note: Excepting and reserving nevertheless out of the said grant and above-described parcel of land, all merchantable stone of every description on and under the surface, and all ores and minerals of every description on and under the surface, with full right to enter upon said parcel and quarry dig and mine all such stone, ore, and minerals with all proper appliances for such purposes, including men, teams, machinery, and tools, and to occupy so much of said land as may be necessary for such purposes, and for reducing ores and minerals and cutting stone, including the erection of buildings for storehouses and machinery, boarding houses, stables, sheds, and all other necessary for such purpose, lad also the full right to cross and recross said land for such purpose, and transport men, supplies, materials, stone, ores, and minerals, the same as if this conveyance had not been made, except that no unnecessary damage shall be done to any of the tillage land or grass land or buildings now on said parcel, but such tillage or grass land may be used as aforesaid when necessary for said purposes.
   Grantors obtained this parcel via: ???:???
   Grantee disposed of a portion of this parcel via ???:???

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