Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - D13

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(updated 7 June 2016)

   Date: 14 July 1810
   Town: Bar Harbor
   Grantors: Alexander Baring, Henry Baring, Robert Gilmore, Thomas Mayne Willing, and Charles Willing, devisees of William Bingham
   Grantee: Amariah Leland
   Description: 119 acres, 128 [square?] rods
      Beginning at the northeast corner bound of Ebenezer Salisbury's lot;
      run S 10° W by said [Ebenezer Salisbury's] lot 178 rods to an oak tree;
      then S 63° E 80 rods to the southwest corner bound of lot No. 39;
      then N 27° E 160 rods to a corner on lot No. 27;
      then northerly by said lot to the southeast corner bound of land formerly owned and improved by DeGregoire;
       then westerly by said DeGregoire land and land belonging to Seth Doane to the first mentioned bound;
      excepting therefrom 10 acres being a part of the Barcelona meadow, so-called.
   Note: The line from the oak tree to the southwest corner of lot No. 39 is much simpler as described above than is shown on the Peters Plan.
   Grantors obtained this parcel via ???:???
   Grantee disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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