Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - C4

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(updated 28 July 2015)

   Date: 30 September 1847
   Town: Bar Harbor
   Grantors: Alexander Baring, Henry Baring, and Joseph R. Ingersoll (representing the estate of William Bingham)
   Grantee: Eben M. Hadley
   Description: 110 acres; lot #7 on Peters Plan
      Beginning at a stake standing near the mouth of a brook at the head of Quahog Cove, the bound between lots #7 and #8 [see note 1 below];
      running northeasterly [see note 2 below] by the head of David Higgins’s lot to the easterly corner of the same;
      then east by lot #6 160 rods to a spruce tree;
      then by the same lot S 48° E to the town’s land;
      then S 52° W by the town’s land to a pine tree, the easterly corner bound of lot #8, deeded to Gideon Mayo;
      then by said Mayo’s lot N 75° W 170 rods to the bound first mentioned.
      1. The Peters Plan shows a short shoreline for lot #7 contrary to the deed’s description in which lot #7 touches the shore at a point.
      2. The copy of the deed in the Registry of Deeds gives this direction incorrectly as “North Westerly”.
   Grantors obtained this parcel via ???:???
   Grantee disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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