Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - C15

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(updated 25 May 2016)

   Date: 6 March 1830
   Town: Bar Harbor
   Grantors: Alexander Baring, Henry Baring, John Richards, Joseph R. Ingersoll, and William Miller (representing the estate of William Bingham)
   Grantee: Joel Emery
   Description: 244 acres total for both #16 and #17; lots #16 and #17 on Peters Plan; This web page will follow lot #16.
      Beginning on Northeast Creek [see Note 1 below], so-called, at the bound of Ebenezer Salisbury Jr.’s lot;
      and running S 26° E 120 rods to the northwest corner bound of Timothy Mason’s lot;
      then S 10° W 100 rods to a birch tree;
      then S 52° W [see note 2 below] 126 rods to a maple tree, the southeast corner bound of lot #18, sold to Abner Young;
      then N 38° W 200 rods to a stake;
      then N 52° E to the creek;
      then up the creek to the bound first mentioned.
      1. Peters Plan does not show this parcel touching Northeast Creek.
      2. Peters Plan shows this direction as being the same as the previous one; i.e., the description should read S 10° W again.
      3. The above description covers both lots #16 and #17 of the Peters Plan (labeled C16 and C15, respectively, on the map shown on this website).
   Grantors obtained this parcel via: ???:???
   Grantee disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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