Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - B25

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(updated 27 July 2015)

The deed found in book 1 on pages 451–452 covered two parcels on the Peters Plan: B25 (first lot) and C24 (second/back lot). This web page will follow transactions involving the first lot.

   Date: 28 March 1792
   Town: Bar Harbor
   Grantors: Bartholomy DeGregoire and Maria Theresa DeGregoire
   Grantee: Levi Higgins
   Description: 100 acres in 2 lots:
      first lot (39 acres, 28 [square?] rods):
         Beginning at the fence between Elkanah Young and Levi Higgins;
         run first S 45° W 100 rods to a poplar tree;
         then [S] 56.25° E 137 rods to the shore;
         then following the shore to the first bounds.
      second lot (back lot):
         Beginning at a birch tree that stands at the northern corner of John Thomas' back lot;
         run first S 33.75° W 95 rods;
         then due W 14 rods;
         then due N 200 rods to the southern corner of Hopkins's [lot];
         then following said line 30 rods to the head of Salisbury's lot;
         then S 82° E 36 rods;
         then due S 120 rods;
         then S 56.25° E to the first bounds
   Grantors obtained this parcel via: grant from the General Court of Massachusetts
   Grantee disposed of the first lot of this parcel via ???:???

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